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Welcome to

Cervisia lodge No. 10032

Cervisiam Lodge Crest 10032_edited.jpg


A new Lodge for Freemasons with an interest in Beer and Brewing.


Beer on tap

What is it all about and who are we?

Beer on tap

Cervisia Lodge

Cervisia Lodge

Reasons for forming the Lodge and Protections

For some years Anglo Scottish Lodge No. 8844, the sponsoring Lodge has run a very successful annual beer festival.  However, whilst this is organised and sponsored by Anglo Scottish the event could not take place without the support of other brethren from Lodges in the Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire.  Being aware of the importance and success of special interest Lodges, the brethren who organise this beer festival thought it would be useful to form a Lodge dedicated to the art of brewing and beer.  The range of brewing techniques is vast from traditional ales through to modern craft beers, the possibilities are endless and provide a good source of common interest for many men and Masons.  Likewise this would give the Lodge the opportunity to explore the links between Freemasonry and brewing over the years, across the country and perhaps internationally.

The Lodge intends to meet three time per year, on the Saturdays nearest to the spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer solstice.    With meetings intended to start 12 noon, and Festive Board lunch at 2PM.  The meetings in spring and autumn will be held at Freemasons Hall in Northampton, with the summer meeting being held “on the road” at a suitable venue which has a direct link to the brewing industry, for example Burton on Trent.  In addition to the founding members there are a number of brethren, who do not qualify for founder member status, that are eager to join the Lodge as joining members.  There are already a number of gentlemen expressing interest in becoming Freemasons through being initiated into the Cervisia Lodge.

The dates and times of the Lodge meetings have been established for these reasons:

  • To provide a gateway to Freemasonry to gentlemen who may extensive work or family commitments which precludes them from joining “traditional” night time Lodges which may meet 7 or 8 times per year.  The 12 noon start on a Saturday will allow brethren to spend time with family on a Saturday morning e.g. attending children sports such as football or rugby.  Whilst the 4PM end for the festive board will allow brethren to socialise with family and friend on the Saturday evening if needed.  We feel this gateway is an import route to Freemasonry for gentlemen, who once they have joined the craft will see the value and benefit and as their circumstances change may wish to extend their Masonic activity beyond Cervisia.   

  • To limit the additional Masonic commitment for founders and joining members and provide an attractive route for brethren who are interested in brewing and are desirous of joining a special interest Lodge.

The founders have already conducted two online beer tasting events which were well attended, and was instrumental in setting up and running a Provincial Beer Tasting Event which was sponsored by the then Assistant PGM W Bro Mark constant, who is now PGM Northants and Huntingdonshire.

The Provincial event showed the potential of the Cervisia Lodge in uniting brethren for a common purpose whilst raising funds for charitable causes and perhaps most importantly enjoying themselves in the process which is a key theme for the PGM now that he has taken office. 

The founders see a sound future for the Lodge based on excellent ceremonies and proper deportment whilst on Masonic business.  Likewise we understand the importance of happiness and harmony in Lodge and intend to engender a happy atmosphere through encouraging the brethren to be the best man and Mason that they can be by exercising those talents they have been given to fullest of their potential 

Potato Chips and a Beer

We Are Now A Fully Consecrated Lodge in the United Grand Lodge Of England

The application process was completed in September and Submitted to Grand Lodge. Official approval was given, a number assigned (10032), a warrant issued and the consecration took place on the 18th March 2023.

Officers of the Lodge were Appointed at the meeting which immediately followed the consecration.

Contact us with any questions, comments, or register for more Cervisia lodge updates and events.

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