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First Meeting Rehearsal

To be Held at 09am on Saturday 10th June 2023 at Sheaf Close, Lodge Room 2


All Officers taking part in the ceremony are requested to attend and any other Brother is of course welcome.

The Next meeting will be held on:
17th June 2023 @ 


Freemasons’ Hall Ashbourne
Cokayne Ave, 


This meeting will include on the Agenda.

  1. ​Investiture of Officers unable to attend the Consecration

  2. Ballot for new members.

  3. To Ballot for a Candidate for freemasonry, and if successful proceed with An Initiation

  4. Propositions


The summons will be issued in due course, in the mean time to assist with planning, please indicate your intentions regarding Attendance, Dining, and Accommodation on the link below.

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